What are they????

North America Largest Aquatic Insect

In Ontario  you might have the opportunity to meet one of these creepy looking critters, either scurrying across the ground or flying through the air.   Normally you meeting place will be bright lights (street lamps) near water source.

I would like to introduce you to “Mrs. Giant Water Bug” commonly called a “Toe Biter” or “Electric Light Bug”.  For those of you who need the more scientific term they are of:

Family Belostomatidae (Giant Water Bugs)

Genus Lethocerus

Species americanus (Giant Water Bug)

There are 6 different species of this water bug.  They lived up to 2 years and grow approximately 7 cm  (3 inches) in length.  Their main diet consists of: small fish, other aquatic bugs, frogs, newt and crayfish.  Their bite in considered to be one of the most painful inflicted by an insect (not dangerous to humans).


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